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Building Contract Administration in North London provided by Silver Grey Chartered Surveyors. We provide quality surveying, real estate management consultancy and related services of all kinds of property and provide professional contract solutions and services in London.

Building Contract Administration

Our RICS approved team is involved with diverse building project management and contract administration activities. We help to maintain adherence to RICS regulations regarding management, construction and maintenance of buildings.

We aid the facilitation of decisions and information in order to achieve timely completion of construction projects. We ensure conformation to all accepted norms and regulations of construction.

Types of Activities

Assessing the most suitable type of building contract to use.
Overseeing the drafting and signing of a building contract.
Control and coordination of various activities related to the building contract.
Building Contract Administration team will investigate contractual agreements, sub-contracts, documents and any related paperwork to identify any kind of inaccuracy or ambiguity.
Preparing detailed documents regarding the project and following up with a constant review.
Budget Control and keeping records of financial statements during and after the project.
Negotiations and monitoring of progress.
Assessing and dealing with variations to the building contract.
Constant review of work progress and ensuring that the time estimate for the completion of the project can be maintained as much as possible.
Assessment of valuations and payment certificates.
Assessing and dealing with Extension of Time.
Assessing and dealing with Defect Liability Period DLP
Assessing and dealing with retention on the building contract.
Collateral Warranty

About Us

Silver Grey Chartered Surveyors is a RICS approved firm based in North London and providing services to several surrounding regions. We have competent professionals with over 30 years of experience in the industry.  We also provide bespoke surveying services as per individual requirements. Please view our corporate website at