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We are RICS. We provide property-surveying service to all the nearby towns and boroughs in North London.

What Does a Building Survey Consultant Do?

A Building Survey Consultancy carries out extensive inspection and detailed evaluation of all elements of a property. They provide Building Survey Reports.

Building Survey is highly recommended for old properties, especially if you are intending to renovate and make significant changes. It is a Level 3 Survey which provides detailed, comprehensive reports and reveals concealed defects.

How Do Building Survey Consultants Work?

Building surveying consultants diagnose defects within the property to provide a health report of your building. This will allow you to determine the value of the property and renegotiate as required. Therefore, a Building Survey report is helpful for evaluating the value of a property, It may increase or decrease the value of a building by identifying the exact condition of the building.

Why Is It Necessary?

Opting for our Building Surveying Consultancy is a wise investment before venturing into an expensive purchase like that of property. It highlights prospective costs that need to be incurred for maintenance and repair. It also helps to predict any urgent repair and maintenance need, to prevent further damage and unnecessary spending.

Time Taken for Report

It usually takes a few hours to complete an extensive survey and the report arrives within a week’s time. However, the time may vary according to the size of the property to be inspected.

Building Survey Reports may influence your decision regarding the purchase of a particular property. The report details the actual condition of the building, disputes and other issues.

Silver Grey Chartered Surveyors is the trading name of Silver Grey Projects Ltd. We are a RICS regulated firm based in North London.
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