RICS Condition Report (Level One)

RICS Condition Report (Level One)

A RICS Condition Report (Level One) is suitable for a conventional house, flat or bungalow that is built from common building materials and is in a reasonable to good condition. It focuses on the condition of the property by addressing different parts of the building, services, garage and outbuildings highlighting problems that require attention.

The RICS Condition Report uses a ‘traffic light’ rating system of the condition of the various elements;

Green indicates no action is required.

Amber indicates non-urgent action required.

Red indicates urgent action is required.

A summary of risks to the condition of the building is given and assessments and comments on matters relating to guarantees, planning and building control are also given for your legal advisers to consider further.

The cost of a RICS Condition Report depends on the type and size of the property, but is between £400 – £950 + VAT.

Please contact us should you require Silver Grey to give you any further advice on a RICS Condition Report, or you wish to book in a survey on a property.