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We provide reliable property-surveying services to several towns in London such as North London.

Building Surveyor

A Building Surveyor helps to evaluate the condition of a building. He carries out detailed and exhaustive inspections. They help to analyse the condition of a property and produce detailed Building Survey Reports.

All the elements of the building are taken into consideration when a building survey takes place. It helps to identify flaws in building construction and other issues. Although a property may look good visually, there may be several hidden faults which are revealed through a Building Survey Report.

Before making a purchase or proceeding with renovations and major construction changes, it is highly recommended to undertake a building survey, especially, if the property concerned is a heritage style building or old property.

Building Survey Benefits

Building surveying helps to correctly determine the value of a building. It helps to understand and predict the possible needs of repair and maintenance. It prevents unnecessary financial loss during the purchase of property and helps receive a fair value for the building.

Building Surveyors help to quickly draw attention to urgent maintenance needs that can cause severe damage to the building.

How Is the Survey Conducted?

Building surveyors will physically examine all the external and internal areas of the building, where accessible. As part of their responsibility, they observe and note the condition of garages, ceiling, roofs, windows, doors and all other accessible parts or elements of the property.

Building Surveyors also ensure that the immediate surroundings of the building are free from defects and issues. The immediate areas must be free of hazardous wastes and materials.

Silver Grey Chartered Surveyors is the trading name of Silver Grey Projects Ltd. We are a reputable firm providing a highly professional service. We also provide bespoke surveying services as per individual requirements. Please view our corporate website at https://silver-grey.co.uk/