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North London Boroughs and Surrounding areas

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Silver Grey Chartered Surveyors .We provide professional property-surveying services in London. We are available in North London

Chartered Surveyor

A Chartered Surveyor undertakes extensive inspection of a property. He reports his various observations regarding the construction of the building in the form of a detailed report. Not only do they investigate faults and defects in a construction, they also help to identify prospective maintenance and repair needs.

Chartered Surveyors are highly trained and well-informed regarding construction of buildings and property management.

Diverse Services

Chartered Surveyors are skilled professionals who not only help to identify major defects of property, but also provide consultancy services regarding management and maintenance. They are known to provide a diverse range of services.

The detailed records provided by a Chartered Surveyor are helpful when deciding on a major refurbishment or sale of old buildings. They are also helpful when evaluating the value of a property or the state of a property.

Chartered Survey Benefits

Chartered surveyors help to evaluate and negotiate the value of a property.

They also ensure a close inspection of the immediate environment of the concerned building. They can be engaged to provide additional consultancy regarding auctioning of buildings, estate management, building surveyor services and related professional help.

About Us

Silver Grey Chartered Surveyors have been in the industry for more than 30 years with excellent record. We are reputed for providing both professional and personal services to a wide client base.

We are a highly recommended team of expert Chartered Surveyors providing services to several boroughs of North London. Our professionals are competent with extensive knowledge of construction and property.

Silver Grey Chartered Surveyors is the trading name of Silver Grey Projects Ltd. We provide a highly professional service. We also provide bespoke surveying services as according to individual requirements. Please view our corporate website at https://silver-grey.co.uk/