Snagging Surveys

in North London Boroughs and surrounding areas
Snagging Surveys


Minor defects that need rectifying once works are complete.

Snagging Schedule

A list that identifies areas of snagging that needs rectifying, often issued to a contractor to complete.

Practical Completion

A point in time in a building contract when snagging is usually listed officially.


When snagging issues are checked off to see if they have been completed.

Snagging Description

Primarily, snagging surveys are required on new build properties prior to an owner first taking official ownership of a property. It identifies minor defects that are apparent despite the property being classed as ‘finished’.

Although you would think that a new build property would not have any defects, this is sadly not often the case. It all depends on the quality control measures implemented by a developer.

A traditional building survey is too excessive in terms of cost to deal with minor defects, so a snagging survey is more appropriate.

A developer may not like you to undertake a snagging survey prior to completing your purchase, but it is in your interest to do so, and your conveyancer should be able to negotiate access on your behalf. If for any reason it is not possible to carry out a snagging survey prior to completion, it is strongly advised you do so as soon as you take ownership.

Silver Grey can undertake snagging surveys on your behalf, so please contact us if you would like to enquire about this service.

Common Question on Snagging Surveys

What is a snag?

A snag is typically a minor defect. Blemishes on walls, doors not closing properly and squeaking floors are typical examples of snags. Generally speaking, they are defects that would cause you some irritation or inconvenience once you occupied a property.

What is a snagging survey?

A snagging survey is an inspection of a property which produces a Snagging Schedule. This lists defects by location which a developer/contractor would work through and check off.

How much does a snagging survey cost?

Snagging Surveys are between £250.00 and £500.00 + VAT. A confirmed quote will be given once the size and location of property is confirmed.