General Building Consultancy

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General Building Consultancy


A problem in the design, workmanship and/or materials or systems used in a property.

Structural Movement

Cracks appear in a building when it is unable to accommodate movement caused by defects in workmanship/materials, ground conditions, foundation failure and so on.


Presence of unwanted moisture within the structure of a building.

Dry Rot

Destructive wood decaying fungus found in timber. Requires certain conditions to establish itself and grow.

General Building Consultancy

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Common Questions on General Building Consultancy

What is a Defect Analysis Report?

A Defects Analysis Report is a detailed analysis of a specific defect that has been reported on a property. Rather than view the property in general, it focuses specifically on the issue that is causing the problem.

What type of problems would require a Defect Analysis Report?

Typically, damp issues, structural movement and rotting timber within a structure are all examples of when a Defect Analysis Report would be commissioned. However, we have also been asked to report on problems with rooms, retaining walls and various external issues relating to trees, vegetation and patio cracking/movement.

How can a Defect Analysis Report help?

A Defect Analysis Report can help to confirm the cause of a problem and provide much needed clarity and guidance on how to proceed. If there is some dispute as to what is causing a problem and who is responsible, a Defect Analysis Report provides the factual information needed for parties to reach agreement on, based on the fact that a qualified and experienced Chartered Surveyor has inspected the defect and explained their findings in a detailed report.

How much does a Defect Analysis Report cost?

This depends on the type of defect and size of property, but prices start from £650 + VAT. A detailed quotation will be provided upon enquiry.